Leicestershire and Rutland Badger Sett Record Form

Please fill in as much as you can for setts you find in Leicestershire and Rutland.
For other counties please e-mail Badger Trust (see bottom of page).
Enter the date you saw the badger sett:
Give the nearest town or village:
Name and/or number of nearest road such as London Road, Oadby or A6:

Describe where the sett was eg "It is in the south east corner of the wood, close to the stream.":
Give the grid reference if you know it eg SK 654321:

Details of the Sett:
Activity active disused not sure

Size of the sett: small (1-3 holes) medium (4 - 8 holes) large (more than 8 holes)

Give evidence for badgers prints/paths fresh digging bedding dung pits feeding signs

Add any extra information such as details of any damage or threats to the sett:

Give your name and telephone number (optional):

Load a full sett record form as a pdf file.
E-mail Leicestershire and Rutland Badger Group
Badger Trust (http://www.badgertrust.org.uk)
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