Leicestershire and Rutland Badger Group Meetings, 2017

Thursday 9th February, 7.30 pm 'BIRDS IN LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE'. Peter Williams, Chair of the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society, will present an illustrated talk looking at changes in birds and birding over the past 75 years. He will also predict what might happen over the next 25 years.

Thursday 9th March, 7.30 pm 'LEICESTER'S RIVERSIDE FLORA AND FAUNA'. Adrian Lane, who until recently was the Senior Riverside Officer for Leicester City Council, will give an illustrated talk on this interesting aspect of our wildlife.

Thursday 13th April, 7.30 pm 'EXTINCTION, REINTRODUCTION AND ALIENS'. Nigel Slater, a wildlife expert, will discuss changes to Britain's wildlife caused by humans. He will give illustrated examples including beavers, large blue butterflies, grey squirrels and Japanese knotweed. He will also look at what the future may bring.

Thursday 14th September, 7.30 pm 'BADGER BEHAVIOR AND BIOLOGY'. Dr Pam Mynott who has studied badgers, and in particular, one badger sett, for over 25 years, will present an illustrated talk on what she has learned about these remarkable creatures.

Thursday 12th October, 7.30 pm 'RECENT RAMBLINGS OF A NATURAL HISTORY PHOTOGRAPHER AT HOME AND ABROAD'. John Tinning, a well known natural history phographer who has travelled widely, will show us his latest suerb photography.

Thursday 9th November, 7.30 pm 'BLACK TO GREEN'. Ben Devine, Community Engagement Officer at LRWT, will give an illustrated talk on this exciting project in the Heart of the National Forest, where major habit changes are hapening to improve the wildlife there.

Indoor meetings begin at 7.30 pm and are held at the Midlands Co-operative Society Sports and Social Club, Birstall Road, Birstall, Leicester LE4. Entry including refreshments is 2.

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