Leicestershire and Rutland Badger Group Meetings, 2020-2021

Please note that all the indoor meetings are at Claremont Methodist Church, Claremont Street, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 7QG, which is comfortable and well equipped. Admission is two pounds and refreshments are included.
For more details e-mail the Badger Group (info@badgergroup.org.uk).

Thursday 13th February, 7.30 pm.'BEAVERS, TRULY AMAZING ANIMALS'.
After a short AGM, there will be a presentation by Pam Mynott, Secretary of the Badger Group. She has been fortunate to have watched beavers many times in their natural habitat in both North America and Europe. Her illustrated talk is based on what she has learned about beavers and the difficulties they face.

Thursday 12th March, 7.30 pm. 'THE WATER VOLES OF RUTLAND WATER'.
Linda Biddle, Mammal Recorder for Rutland, will give an illustrated talk detailing what has happened to the population of water voles at Rutland Water Nature Reserve since their reintroduction that started in 2011.

Thursday 9th April, 7.30 pm 'BADGER CRIME AWARENESS'. THIS IS POSTPONED until 11 March 2021 because of Covid-19.
Craig Fellowes, retired Police Wildlife Crime Officer and current Wildlife Crime Officer for the Badger Trust, will present a talk illustrating how to identify and deal with crimes against badgers and their setts.

Thursday 10th September, 7.30 pm 'THE AMAZING LIFE OF BIRDS'.
Tony Clarke will surprise us with little known facts about bird behaviour and show us spectacular bird behaviour photographs.

Thursday 8th October, 7.30 pm 'BADGERS FOUND DEAD SURVEY - THE RESULTS!
Professor Malcolm Bennett of Nottingham University, will give the latest results from testing for TB in dead (mainly road killed) badgers and discuss any implications. The data used includes some from Leicestershire and Rutland.

Thurday 12th November, 7.30 pm 'MOLES'
Derek Crawley, Mammal Recorder for Staffordshire, will make a welcome return to give an illustrated talk on the natural history of the mole. This is a species that we rarely see above ground though we often see its soil mounds.

Thursday 11th February 2021, 7.30 pm 'BADGER VACCINATION IN S.NOTTINGHAMSHIRE AND N.LEICESTERSHIRE' After a short AGM, there will be a presentation by Gary Cragg, Project Manager of the Badger Edge Vaccination for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. He will give an illustrated talk on the role of badger vaccination in the management of bovine TB in cattle.

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