Badger Rescue News 2013

In June, 2013 David Duckett was rung by Jenny Harris who had twice seen a badger cub crossing the main road at Ashwell. They agreed that Jenny should get a cat basket from her home at Oakham and then they would meet at a layby. Within a minute of meeting, the cub crossed the road again. David almost managed to catch it but it escaped and ran into a nearby garden. Eventually David managed to catch it by its scruff and put into to a carrying cage to take to the Wildlife Hospital

Although it was the size of an eight weeks cub, Angela considered it to be about twice that age from its dentition. It was male and had no external injuries. After a short settling period it drank milk and ate food in its cage.

Ash had another cub at the hospital as a playmate and by autumn they were ready for release into the wild. We would have liked them to stay in Leicestershire, but we no suitable site for them and also they needed to be in a bigger group. I knew that Wildlife Aid in Surrey had three cubs in care and were looking for more cubs to join them. They had a choice of release sites and agreed to take our cubs when they had had all their Tb tests. The tests as usual were negative so the cubs were taken down to Wildlife Aid. A few days later I looked at their webcam and was able to watch our cubs mingling with their new friends. Later the group of cubs was successfully released into an artificial sett in Surrey.

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