Problems with badgers in gardens

Badgers and your garden


We are sorry.

We are sorry that badgers are digging up your lawn. They are doing this to reach and eat the grubs that live on the roots of the grass. If not removed by badgers these grubs kill the grass leaving bare patches.

It used to be possible to do this by applying pesticides that kill the cockchafer and leather-jacket grubs, but there are now no approved chemical products for this on sale in the UK. You can safely treat your lawn treat biologically using nematodes. However, these are expensive and not totally effective. There is advice from the Royal Horticultural Society, follow the link below. You can load the leaflet "Badgers in your Garden" as a PDF file if you use the link below. Please note that there are currently no chemical deterrents specifically approved for use in deterring badgers, as the approval for Renardine has been revoked. It is now an offence to advertise, sell, use or store Renardine.